Alana Maldonado holds up the medal after winning the judoka competition

The Era of Brazilian Parathletes: Achievements Beyond Physical Limitations

These audacious and resolute Brazilian athletes aspire not merely to be admired for transcending physical constraints but to be acknowledged as women relentlessly pursuing their dreams.

Historica Doll Story

Doll Stories in the Interior

The story of how a simple hobby with dolls turned into a magical exhibition of dolls in an interior with antique furniture.

Exhibition and sale of books from Colombian, Latin American and international publishers.

FILBO 2024: The Bogotá International Book Fair

Literature, culture, art, and the entire commercial dynamic around books is what converges at FILBO, the Bogotá…

Cars on the highway in Bogota, Colombia

El Niño Triggers Water Rationing in Bogotá

Colombia’s water supply declines in early 2024 due to El Niño, impacting its status as a global leader in water resources.

mother's day paper sculpture with vibrant flowers surround an envelope and a woman

Mother’s Day Ideas to Show Mom You Care

As Mother’s Day unfolds, show mom how much she mean to you. Get ready to craft, cook, and cherish her love with these celebration ideas.

Flooding In Rio Grande Sul Brazil

Severe Rio Grande do Sul Flood & Climate Crisis

Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil is grappling with an unparalleled disaster, as seen in the harrowing images of submerged cities.

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Illustration of Queen Nzinga and tribal warriors preparing for battle against Portuguese soldiers along the coast.

The Rise of Queen Nzinga

In The Twelfth Night, William Shakespeare described greatness: “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.”

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Khoisan Southern Africa's First Humans
The Khoisan Southern Africa’s First Humans

The Khoisan were Southern Africa’s first inhabitants; two tribes merged. The cow-herding Khoikhoi, and the San, who were hunter-gatherers.

The Whole Enchilada—How Mexican Food Took Off in America

Mexican cuisine has become such a popular part of the American food scene that it’s hard to imagine life in the US without it.

Swahili Culture: Heritage and Modernity

Hakuna Matata is a famous Swahili word synonymous with several parts of the East African region…

Hedy Lamarr black and white portrait
The Mother of Wi-Fi: Hedy Lamarr’s Legacy in Technology

Hedy Lamarr was “Most Beautiful Woman in the World”, yet her biggest legacy is her contribution as “Mother of Wifi,” pioneering the role of women in technology.