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Visiting Balochistan, Pakistan

Visiting Balochistan, Pakistan

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Whether you are a traveler, an outdoor enthusiast, or a history buff, Balochistan, Pakistan offers many things to soothe your senses. You can enjoy the beauty and quiet of mountainous landscapes. With many hidden oases in the province, it is a land of mysteries. We will discuss the most popular sites visited in Balochistan.

By area, Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan; its location at the mouth of the Strait of Hormuz, near the main shipping routes in the Persian Gulf, has made it stand out. Gawadar is a naturally deep-water port, as well.
Mountain ranges, springs, deserts, plains, seashores, volcanoes, lakes, the coldest and hottest places, dry areas, orchards, and dry fruits tempt tourists. People come to this area because of the ancient Juniper trees, the wildlife, flora, fauna, the national parks, the rivers, and, most importantly, the colorful culture and civilization of Mehergarh.

Here are some of the beautiful places in Balochistan.

Astola Island

Astola Island is about 40 kilometers off the coast of Pasni Baluchistan. It is the largest island in Pakistan’s territorial waters and the only significant island in the northern Arabian Sea. Motorized boats are used to get from Pasni to the island; the trip takes around 5 hours. Although there are no hotel facilities on Astola Island, it is a popular but “hard” ecotourism destination. Overnight visitors must camp on the island and carry their supplies. Expeditions for camping, fishing, and scuba diving are common. It is also an excellent place to see turtles of different breeds.

Baba Chandragup

Chandragup is an active mud volcano in Balochistan, Pakistan, located in Hingol National Park. Hindus believe that the volcano is holy, and pilgrims must stop there on their way to the Shri Hinglaj Mata temple shrine. This volcano is also called ‘Mars on Earth’ because of the terrain.  The Hingol mud volcanoes are in the Lasbela District, about 100 kilometers from Uthal’s capital. Hingol National Park has roughly ten mud volcano clusters, the most notable of which are the Chandragup and Khandewari volcanoes.

An arial view of the breathtaking active mud volcano called, “The Chandragup” situated in South Balochistan also called Mars on Earth and Land of Miracles.

Gwadar Desert

Crossing the Hingol River Bridge will take you to the coastal semi-desert. Its dunes allow residents and visitors to feel like they are in the desert. This hypnotic ocean of sand in golden tones is found in Gwadar’s desert. The breezes that cause the hills to move will give you an unforgettable experience. Because of this, it’s unsurprising that there are more tourists in Gwadar.

Gwadar Desert, Pakistan

Gwadar Port

Gwadar sits on the shores of the Arabian Sea in Balochistan Province in southwest Pakistan. Its location is strategically important because it is between the oil-rich Middle East, the heavily populated South Asia, and the growing and resource-rich Central Asia. Even though Gwadar is on the coast, it has a hot and dry climate similar to the rest of the Balochistan province. The best time to visit Gwadar is during the spring season, which runs from September to November, and then again from March to April, the busiest season for travel and tourism.

Karachi is the nearest city to Gwadar, making it the most accessible to this port city. You can take a road trip or a flight to Gwadar. If you want a shorter journey time, you can use the Gwadar Airport, which connects Karachi to Gwadar in about 90 minutes. Flights from Karachi to Gwadar run daily to accommodate all who desire to visit Gwadar. We can participate in fishing, water sports, scuba diving, boating, and swimming at the PC Hotel Gwadar’s beaches or pool. You can see giant fish, turtles, and stingrays in the water. A desert safari on dunes offers breathtaking natural scenery.

Gwadar Pakistan

Hanna Lake

Hanna Lake, also known as Hanna Jheel, is one of Balochistan’s beautiful places. It displays the natural beauty of the country. A few minutes’ drive from Quetta brings you to this location. There is another lake nearby called Urak. You can feel the beauty of the golden fish swimming up in the lake. There are plenty of hikers and campers during the summer, making it an excellent place for a vacation. The lake contrasts with the sandy brown mountains in the water’s background.

This stunning area in Balochistan attracts tourists from all across the country. When Britain established a colony here, they built a dam that turned into this famous lake. Hanna Lake is a fantastic picnic destination because it includes a lakefront restaurant beneath pine trees.

Hazarganji-Chiltan National Park

The Hazarganji-Chiltan National Park is one of Balochistan’s most breathtaking tourist attractions, created in the 1980s. It gives views of barren mountains and breathtakingly beautiful natural scenery. It is also safe for endangered animals like the Chiltan goat and Sulaiman Markhor.
This expansive tourism destination is on the outskirts of Quetta in the Mastung District. The Hazarganji-Chiltan National Park gets its name from the two nearby territories, Hazarganji to the west and Chiltan to the east.

Hingol National Park

Hingol National Park, also called Hungol National Park, is the largest national park in Pakistan. Named for the southern part of the Hangul River that flows into the Arabian Sea, it is in the Makran coastal area. The three districts of Gwadar, Lasbela, and Awaran in Balochistan comprise the park, covering an area of 6,100 square kilometers (2,400 square miles), established in 1988.

Waterfowl, marine life, and a wealth of wildlife inhabit the park, and Hangul National Park is Pakistan’s only national park with desert and plains areas. It has six different ecosystems.
Thousands of migratory birds and marsh crocodiles live along the Hangul River tributary, bordered by dense forest to the north and a barren mountain range to the south.

The Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea are to the south as well. Since the completion of the Makran Coastal Highway in 2004, the park has drawn visitors from all over the country to its unique rock formations.

Jhal Magsi Desert Rally

Many people attend and sponsor Jhal Mags’ annual desert rally and desert safari each year. Fans of the rally congregate in one place from all across Pakistan. Throughout the entire rally, they all remained there. The desert-like plains of Jhal Magsi offer the most incredible route in Pakistan for off-road enthusiasts. It is one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Pakistan.

Kund Malir Beach

Kund Malir is the ideal location to visit in Balochistan if you’re looking for stunning, unique beaches. Even though Kund Malir Beach lacks the necessary amenities to draw tourists, the beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Being a desert beach, Kund Malir Beach is also distinctive in specific ways.

Even though the path to Kund Malir Beach is safe and well-built, it doesn’t have any of the things you need to live. You must bring what you need to enjoy the trip and preserve the area’s stunning natural beauty. The beach in Kund Malir is close to Hingol. From Karachi, the capital of Sindh, it took roughly 4 hours to travel the 150 miles to this beach via the Makran Coastal Highway. Visit Kund Malir Beach for a tranquil and relaxing experience.

Moola Chutok

It’s fair to say that it resembles a small portion of heaven on Earth. The Khuzdar area has a secret oasis called Moola Chutok. The Moola Chutok is one of the most stunning locations in Balochistan. Beautiful waterfalls flow down from the mountains, surrounded by lush vegetation, soaking up the pure, fresh water.
You may think of Balochistan as a desolate, dry wasteland; However, a trip to Moola Chutok will persuade you otherwise. This tourist spot is about 80 kilometers northeast of Khuzdar and is about 1237 meters high. Camping in such a beautiful area would be excellent, but it may get too cold here in the winter and summer. As a consequence, be completely ready for it.

Moola Chotuk Hidden paradise in Balochistan More than 80 km away from Khuzdar there is a beautiful village called Moola, It is a Tehsil of District Khuzdar. It is famous due to historical place as well as its geographical location.

Ormara Beach

Ormara, on the Makran Coastal Highway heading towards Gwadar, is halfway between Karachi and Gwadar. Alexander the Great took over Sindh, Punjab, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in modern-day Pakistan in 400 BC. According to historical routes, he and his army stayed there for a few days back from the Indus Valley. Ormoz, one of his generals, passed away there, and the modern city bears his name.
One of the several beaches in the city is Ormara Beach in Gwadar. It provides a stunning view of mountains and lakes. You’ll be mesmerized as the waves pound the craggy cliffs and slide on the sand beneath the ever-changing sky.

Ormara Beach in the Morning

Pir Ghaib Waterfalls

The Pir Ghaib Waterfalls are in Balochistan, Pakistan, in the Bolan Valley, 70 kilometers from Quetta. Here, a waterfall flows down the steep side of a mountain. It flows through several streams and ponds, while palm trees provide shade. Two distinct waterfalls merge to form a large, clear pool of azure water. The area around this waterfall is arid.
Balochistan’s Pir Ghaib is known for its magnificent beauty. The tradition of the Invisible Saint (Pir Ghaib), whom the Almighty saved after being attacked by a cruel king’s army, is one the locals hold dear. The saint smote the mountain with a stick. You wouldn’t believe it, yet water still flows from there.

Sapat Beach

It is in the Lasbela area of the Pakistani province of Balochistan, about 220 kilometers from Karachi. Bujih Koh is a strange beach rock formation that rises from the sand. It is isolated from the cliff wall that runs down the coastline and across the beach. Crabs live in a thriving colony along the entire shore. The caverns in the rocks on this shore are another intriguing feature. At night, the beach takes on a completely different character. On full-moon evenings, the light from approaching waves appears to glow on the surf.


Sonmiani Beach

Located 145 kilometers northwest of Karachi, Sonmiani is a seaside town in Pakistan’s southeastern part of Balochistan province. The northernmost part of the Arabian Sea is on the shore of Sonmiani. Near Karachi, Sonmiani Beach is among the most frequented beaches in the area. The dawn and sunset are breathtaking, and you can see them here. Everything about this place is beautiful.


The Princess of Hope

A hoodoo or “fairy chimney,” the Princess of Hope, may be seen in Pakistan and looks like a crowned and skirted female figure looking out toward the horizon. It is roughly 190 kilometers from Karachi, Pakistan.
The strangely shaped rock pinnacle is in the Hingol National Park in the Lasbela District of Balochistan province. The park is in a hilly area with beautiful canyons, strange mud, and rock formations shaped by erosion.

As a UN Goodwill Ambassador in 2002, Angelina Jolie visited Pakistan, including the Hingol National Park, and Pakistan named the Princess of Hope formation after her. The name, which Jolie came up with on the spot as a spontaneous, emotional reaction to the shape of the monolith, stuck, clearly appealing to then-current local attitudes.


The Sphinx

From the Buzi Pass stretch of the Makran Coastal Highway, you may see the Balochistan Sphinx, also known as the “Lion of Balochistan” or Abul-Hol, a natural rock structure that resembles a sphinx. If you’ve heard of the Sphinx, an archaeological marvel, you may wonder if you need to visit Egypt to view it. However, Gwadar has one, and it’s a naturally occurring one. Gorgeous rocky cliffs and hills flank Makran’s beach, including one with a sphinx shape. Just like Nemes, it has pointed features and a high headpiece. All corners of the world send their citizens to see this spectacular sight.

The Sphinx in Balochistan, Pakistan

Urak Valley

The Urak Valley in the province of Balochistan is another fantastic travel location. It’s near Quetta. Fresh spring water trickles down both sides of the road at Urak Valley, making it a picturesque site. The Urak Valley is home to several orchards; you may pick your fill of apples and cherries as you journey through the region.
Urak Valley is also different because there are natural springs there that bring water straight from the mountains. The majority of viewers will fall in love with it. The valley of Urak is right next to Hanna Lake, which is another popular place to go on a picnic in Balochistan.


The valley of Wadi-e-Bolan, also called Bolan Pass, is in the Balochistan region of Pakistan, about 120 kilometers south of the border with Afghanistan. The 89-kilometer-long pass connects Rindali in the south to Darwzan in Kolpur in the north. It consists of a series of canyons and stretches of narrow land. The city is a road and railroad hub linking Quetta and Sibi. The Mehergarh remains, as well as the springs and oasis, are major tourist attractions.

Ziarat Valley

Tourists can go to Ziarat Valley, 133 kilometers (3 hours by car) from Quetta. It is home to one of the region’s largest and oldest juniper forests. The forest is the second-largest of its kind in the world. Some juniper trees are up to 5,000 years old. Ziarat means “shrine” in Arabic.

The valley is said to have been blessed by Kharwari Baba, a Pashtun saint from the area. He was buried here after his death. The saint’s shrine, 10 kilometers from Ziarat, is regularly visited. There are further burials. The Ziarat Residency is where Pakistan’s founding father, Quaid-e-Azam, spent his last days.

Aside from this, Ziarat is a top-rated tourist destination because of its lush green mountains, cold, snowy weather, fruit orchards, especially cherry and apple trees, picnic sites with running springs and flower-filled valleys, and wild animals. Every year, thousands of tourists from all over the country come here to spend their holidays. Camping can be done here, along with staying in hotels for accommodation.


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