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Severe Rio Grande do Sul Flood & Climate Crisis

Severe Rio Grande do Sul Flood & Climate Crisis

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Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil is grappling with an unparalleled disaster, as seen in the harrowing images of submerged cities. The region, once home to bustling urban life, is now a vast expanse of water due to relentless rains fueled by a cold front, atmospheric blocking, and humidity from the Amazon.

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The catastrophe has claimed over 100 lives, with 130 people missing and more than 200,000 residents displaced. As the state braces for more storms, the resilience of its people shines through, with volunteers and public figures rallying to provide aid and comfort amidst the crisis. This calamity underscores the urgent need for global climate action as extreme weather events become normal.

[Images and Video Credits: Edivelton da Rosa, Agencia GOV, TV Brasil, Daily Overview]

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